Andrea Tracy Photography About Me
When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.
— Robert Frank

I've always had slightly high career aspirations. From dolphin trainer, to award winning novelist, to that time I was positively livid that my parents "made" me a girl, because only boys could be rock-stars. (Which I have since learned is total BS, by the way.) Then there was that period I wanted to grow up to be Pocahontas... until my mother lovingly pointed out my red hair and freckles. In high school I decided that I absolutely needed to be a National Geographic photojournalist, but nine weeks in Air Force boot camp helped me realize that maybe I was just a bit more princess-y than I had initially estimated.
Then I shot my first wedding.
And just like that, I fell absolutely, totally, helplessly head-over-heels for it. And you know what? I fall in love all over again with each and every wedding I get to be a part of.
So what about me?
I'm awkward. I'm curious. I have a gypsy soul and a wild spirit. I love black coffee, craft beer, popcorn, and cold rainy weather. I live in outrageously printed yoga pants (you may even catch me practicing yoga in them). I'm absolutely obsessed with Orcas. I'm a crazy plant lady who is happiest when my hair is down and salty. I have an unhealthy level of attachment to my two wiggly little boxers. I laugh at the most ridiculous things (usually at precisely the wrong moment). And I love people who crave adventure and each other.