Best College Towns | Heidelberg

Maybe it’s a pull from my subconscious for not having a “real” college experience, or my undying love for State College, Pennsylvania, but I always love a good college town. One of my favourites is Heidelberg, Germany. In the summer it’s full of bustling biergartens and college kids on bicycles, but in the winter it’s full of welcoming shops and cozy pubs.

My best friend came to visit from DC last week, and Heidelberg was one of our first stops. We hopped a train from Waldfischbach for 13 Euro and less than two hours later, stumbled out into the city.

Andrea Tracy Photography Heidelberg

Naturally, we headed straight for the Macaronnerie Heidelberg, the town’s best rated macarons (a logical first stop for any city). They did NOT disappoint!

Next we wandered down Main Street for some shopping. Here you’ll find Birkenstock and lots of little alley ways with adorable local shops and boutiques. You’ll also find a few flower shops; my European weakness. Flowers here are so incredibly inexpensive; I couldn’t help but snag some fresh tulips and ranunculus.

We stopped at a handful of local pubs, including the beautiful Zum Güldenen Schaf which opened in 1749, and even managed to (mistakenly) find the local Steelers bar (The Dubliner Irish Pub). While we’re about as far away from Steelers fans as two people can get, there’s still something soothing about finding a little piece of home so far away. The local beer (Heidelberger) is decent; my favourite was the “Hefe Weizen Hell”.

As night fell, we made it to the square, which had a beautiful view of the castle aglow in lights. In the square, you’ll also find a Lindt store with baskets and baskets of individually wrapped truffles. I recommend the cookies and cream and coconut ones! ;)

We tried to get into dinner at a couple of highly rated places (mental note when traveling in Europe, ALWAYS make a reservation… my husband and I are endlessly horrible at this), and we finally were able to snag a table at Cafe Rossi. After a great dinner (good drinks, very quick service, and a beautiful building!), we made the 1.5 KM walk back to the train station and were on our way home!

Have you ever been to Heidelberg? What’s your favourite city find?